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This guide will help you search the scholarly literature regarding languages, literature, and literary criticism, as well as other disciplines such as philosophy, history, literature, psychology, perhaps even art, education or sociology. The guide will also include information regarding searching for primary resources and how to search for scholarly materials in languages other than English.

Use the tabs to navigate through the following pages of the guide:

Find Books --find books in PSU Library and beyond, both online and in print.

Find Articles - find articles in our collection online and in print.

Critical & Literary Interpretation - learn how to find resources that provide critical analysis of literary works and authors.

Historical Context - discovering resources that give historical and/or cultural context of a literary work or author.

Primary Sources in Books - find primary sources in the library's print collection.

Language & Linguistics - finding resources about grammar, phonology, and language learning.

Permalinks & Citation Management - how to manage and cite your academic resources.


Need to find resources in languages other than English?  Visit the Vernacular or Non-English Resource Guide for information and tips on searching library catalogs and online databases for non-English materials.

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