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Childrens and YA books have a call number that starts out with "PZ". That  section is in the southeast corner of the 5th floor of Millar Library.

Use PSU Catalog to look up books in the Library's collection. You can search by author, illustrator or title.

You can also search by a keyword plus the word word juvenile.  Below are some books found by searching with the words friendship and juvenile.

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Library of Congress PZ List (Juvenile Literature)

The books in the PSU Library are organized using the Library of Congress call numbers. In this system Children's Literature (or Juvenile Literature) books have call numbers that begin with the letters PZ, shelved on the 5th floor. 

An brief outline of the PZ call numbers range:

PZ 4 History and criticism of children's literature; not necessarily childrens books
PZ 5 Anthologies
PZ 7 Juvenile Fiction
PZ 8 Fairy Tales
PZ 8.1 -8.2 Folklore, Legends, Fables
PZ 8.3 Poetry
PZ 8.4 Holidays
PZ 8.9 Nonfiction
PZ 9

Historical and geographical nonfiction

PZ 9.5 Biography
PZ 10 Science and industry
PZ 10.3 Animal stories
PZ 10.6 Children's songs and music
PZ 10.8 Foreign language works


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