WLL 560: Principles of Scholarly Research: Permalinks & Citation Management

Citation Management Tool: Zotero

Zotero allows you to collect book and article citations from the library catalog and databases. Then using a plugin for MS Word, you can insert those citations into your paper in the appropriate format. 

See the library guide, Manage Citations with Zotero, on how to use this tool. The Library provides workshops and support for Zotero. 

Using Automatic Citation Generators Video


To find the permalink (persistent URL) to the item that you want to reference:

  1. Find the item in the PSU Library Catalog.
  2. Under the Send to Heading, click the Link/URL button
  3. A box will open with the link to the item.
  4. Copy the permalink by clicking Copy to Clipboard.

Screenshot of Permalink

For more information, see Persistent Links to Library Content.

Selected Online Citation Guides

Print Style Guides in the PSU Library