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This guide provides information on citation styles, how to read a citation and how to avoid plagiarism.

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Citation Format?

Here are a variety of resources that help with citing sources. The citation format  for your research paper depends on what is required by your professor. Know the requirements before you begin constructing your bibliography and end notes.

Information about Citation Styles

Here are good web resources to  learn citation formatting and to view citation examples:

Print Style Guides in the PSU Library

Guide Editor

Kimberly Willson-St. Clair

How to Read a Citation

A bibliographic citation, the convention normally used to acknowledge a work quoted in a paper, contains basic information needed to locate an item. There are different formats for citing books, journal articles, chapters in books, dissertations, pamphlets, and other formats. 


In general, the publication information, including place of publication, publisher and year, identifies a book. Here is a screenshot of a book citation.

screenshot of a book citation


In general, the publication information, including volume number, date and page numbers, identifies a journal article.  Here is a screenshot of a journal article citation.

screenshot of a jhournal article citation


Chapters of books can be identified by the presence of two titles, the title of the chapter and the title of the book. Two names may be listed as well -- the author of the chapter and the editor. The same publication information that appears in a book citation will also appear here; place of publication,publisher, and year.  Here is a screenshot of a book chapter citation.

screenshot of a book chapter citation

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