WLL 560: Principles of Scholarly Research: Language & Linguistics

Core Online Resources

These are likely to be the best online sources in which to start your language and linguistics research:

Related & Multidisciplinary Resources

Journal Title Search

Print Journal Titles

Education Index, 1929-2003
Z5813 .E23 | Reference and Fifth Floor

Linguistics Abstracts, 1985-2003
P1 .A1 L5123 | Fourth Floor
Emphasis on theory and practice of general linguistics.

Linguistic Bibliography for the Year ...and Supplement for Previous Years, 1939-1995
Z7001 .P4 | Fifth Floor
Valuable for its worldwide coverage of the field of linguistics.

Language Teaching, 1982-2003
P51 .L33 | Fourth Floor

Accessing articles in the PSU Library Catalog

The PSU Library Catalog is a great place to search for articles in selected databases. Once you have found an article that you are interested in, check for the link, Online Access, as shown in the screenshot of the journal article citation. Select this link and then sign into the PSU Library catalog to access the article. Note that the article can be available in more than one database. If there is no Online Access link, there will be an Interlibrary Loan & Article Delivery to request the article.

Article Online Access Link Portland State University Library Catalog

database access for an article

Search for an Article Title at Google Scholar

If you have an article title, search for it at Google Scholar from the PSU Library.

  • Enter the title of the article in the Google Scholar search box.
  • If PSU Library has the article online, there will be a link, Find it @ PSU.  

    Google Scholar citation with Find it at P S U link
  • Find it @ PSU leads to the full text article record with one or more databases to access it. Be sure to sign in to access the article.

    databases in library catalog from article searched in google scholar