Census Information: Census of Service Industries

The United States Constitution includes directives for carrying out a census of the population every 10 years.

About the Census of Service Industries

In 1972, Census of Selected Service Industries was taken from the Census of Business and classified separately.  It changed its name to The Census of Service Industries with 1977.  Earlier Censuses of Service Industries are included in the Census of Business (C 3.202/5).  Starting with 1997, it is classified with the Economic Census (C 3.277).

Local holdings (1972-1992)

1972 Census of Selected Service Industries - C 3.257/4:972

Volume 1: Summary and subject statistics.

Volume 2: Area statistics. In 3 parts.

(Changed from officical SuDoc classification.) 

1977 Census of Service Industries - C 3.257

Geographic area series. C 3.257/2:SC77-A-no. In 53 sections. [MICROFICHE] PSU is missing: 53/pt.1-2

Subject series. C 3.257/3:SC77-S-no. In 10 parts. [MICROFICHE] PSU is missing: Part 2, 5-6, 8

Subject statistics. (Volume 1) C 3.257/4:977/v.1 [Bound volume]

Geographic Area statistics. (Volume 2) C 3.257/4:977/v.2/pt. In 4 parts. [Bound volume]

1982 Census of Service Industries - C 3.257/

Geographic Area Series. C 3.257/2:SC82-A-no. Parts 1-52

Industry series. C 3.257/3-4:SC82-I-no.  Parts 1-5.

 1987 Census of Service Industries - C 3.257/

Geographic area series. C 3.257/2:SC87-A-no. Parts 1-52. PSU has on paper: Parts 1-50, 52. PSU has on microfiche: Parts 31, 39

Subject series. C 3.257/3:SC87-S-no. Parts 1-4.

Nonemployer statistics series. C 3.257/5:SC87-N-no. Parts 1-4.

 1992 Census of Service Industries (Also available online)

Geographic area series. C 3.257/2:SC92-A-no.  Parts 1-52.

Subject series. C 3.257/3:SC92-S-no. Parts 1-5.

Nonemployer statistics series. C 3.257/5:SC92-N-1 Summary.