Census Information: Data Sets

The United States Constitution includes directives for carrying out a census of the population every 10 years.

Finding Data Sets Online

Sources of current and historical census data:


(Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing system)

The TIGER/Line files are a digital database of geographic features, such as roads, railroads, rivers, lakes, political boundaries, census statistical boundaries, etc. covering the entire United States.

The database contains information about these features such as their location in latitude and longitude, the name, the type of feature, address ranges for most streets, the geographic relationship to other features, and other related information. They are the public product created from the Census Bureau's TIGER (Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing) database of geographic information. TIGER was developed at the Census Bureau to support the mapping and related geographic activities required by the decennial census and sample survey programs.

Note: These files are not graphic images of maps, but rather digital data describing geographic features. To make use of these data, a user must have mapping or Geographic Information System (GIS) software that can import TIGER/Line data.

Data Sets Online: US Census Bureau - TIGER

PSU Library has TIGER/Line Census files for the following years:

TIGER/Line Census Files 1990

  • Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania (Snyder-York), Rhode Island. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:C 76/990/CD
  • Kentucky. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:K 41/990/CD
  • Louisiana. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:L 93/990/CD
  • Mississippi. [CD-ROM-MISSING]: C 3.279:M 69i/990/CD
  • Oklahoma, Texas (Wichita-Zavala). [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:Ok 4/990/CD
  • South Dakota. [CD-ROM-MISSING]: C 3.279:So 8d/990/CD
  • TIGER questions and answers. [PAPER]: C 3.279:T 62

TIGER/Line Census Files 1992

  • Alabama. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:Al 1B/992/CD
  • Alaska. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:Al 1S/992/CD
  • Arizona. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:Ar 4I/992/CD
  • Arkansas. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:Ar 4K/992/CD
  • California. In 3 discs. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:C 12/992/CD
  • Colorado. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:C 71/992/CD
  • Delaware-D.C.-Virginia. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:D 37/992/CD
  • Florida. In 2 discs. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:F 66/992/CD
  • Georgia. In 2 discs. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:G 29/992/CD
  • Illinois. In 2 Discs. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:Il 6/992/CD
  • Maine-Massachusetts-New Hampshire-Vermont. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:M 28/992/CD
  • Maryland-W. Virginia. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:M 36/992/CD
  • Michigan. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:M 58/992/CD
  • Minnesota. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:M 66/992/CD
  • Mississippi. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:M 69I/992/CD
  • Missouri. In 2 discs. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:M 69O/992/CD
  • Montana. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:M 76/992/CD
  • Nebraska. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:N 27/992/CD
  • New Mexico. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279N 42M:/992/CD
  • New York. In 2 discs. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:N 42Y/992/CD
  • N. Carolina. In 2 discs. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:N 81C/992/CD
  • Ohio. In 2 discs. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:OH 3/992/CD
  • Oregon. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:OR 4/992/CD
  • Pennsylvania. In 2 discs.[CD-ROM]: C 3.279:P 38/992/CD
  • Tennessee. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:T 25/992/CD
  • Texas. In 4 discs. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:T 31/992/CD
  • Washington. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:W 27/992/CD
  • Wisconsin. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:W 75/992/CD
  • Wyoming. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:W 99/992/CD

TIGER/Line Census Files 1994

  • TIGER/Line 1994. In 6 CD-ROMS. All states and territories are represented.[CD-ROM]: TD 1.56/5:CD 94-TGR-no.

TIGER/Line Census Files 1995

  • TIGER/Line 1995. In 6 CD-ROMS. All states and territories are represented. [CD-ROM]: TD 1.56/5:CD 95-TGR-no.

TIGER/Line Census Files 1997

  • TIGER/Line 1997. In 6 CD-ROMS. All states and territories are represented. 97-04, 97-05, 97-06 also available in reissued versions. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:CD-TGR 97-no.

TIGER/Line Census Files 1998

  • TIGER/Line 1998. In 7 CD-ROMS. All states and territories are represented. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279:CD-TG 98-no.

TIGER/Line 2000

  • TIGER/Line 2000. Redistricting Census 2000. [DVD]: C 3.279/3:2000

TIGER/Census Tract Street Index

  • Version 2 (1994-1995). In 6 CD-ROMS. Covers all 50 states and the District of Columbia. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279/2:CD-CTSI-V2-no.
  • Version 3 (1999). In 8 CD-ROMS. Covers all 50 states and the District of Columbia. [CD-ROM]: C 3.279/2:CD-TGR 97-CTSI-V3-no.
  • Version 4 (2000). [DVD]: C 3.279/2:DVD-TGR-2000-CTSI-V4


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