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What's in this guide?

The resources in this guide will help you pursue research on technical communications topics. You will use the Library's web site to interact with the collection, our resources, various of our services; so take the video tour of the site to familiarize yourself with what's available to you and how to navigate to it.

What kind of information do you need?

Books - Provide overview, background, theory in depth.

Journal articles and conference proceedings - Results of research studies are reported initially in journal articles and in conference papers. 

U.S. Federal Databases - Provide a wealth of technical information on all manner of topics.

Regional, State and Local - Resources related to city, county and state government in Oregon.

Evaluating Your Sources for their authority, credibility, accuracy, currency, is essential to the success of your proposal.

Using the Citation Style appropriate to your discipline allows you to properly attribute information you draw on from others, minimizes distractions for your reader, and builds your credibility as you are practicing the habits of the relevant discipline.


Subject Guides in Technical Disciplines

The Library has more than a hundred subject guides focusing on the most important resources and strategies for doing research in all the disciplines the University offers. These guides point to important databases, types of information used in various disciplines, strategies that may be needed to do research in a particular topic area.  As an interdisciplinary field, students studying technical communication may find useful resources in several areas. 

To name a few:




Engineering and Technology Management

Human Resource Management and Leadership







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