Technical Communication: Finding Books & ebooks

Finding Books and ebooks in PSU Library

catalog search box on front page

Start your seach for books and ebooks in the Library catalog on the front page of the Library's web site.  You can search by keyword, title, author, subject heading, you name it.


limit to PSU Library holdings

Once you've entered your search terms and you get a list of results, you can focus your results to PSU Library books and ebooks.  First choose the PSU Library holdings scope.

On the right side of the screen, you will find filtering options for types of resources, subject headings, dates, online resources, etc.  In the Resource Type list, you will see an option for ebooks.

Search and Browse


The Library catalog allows you to search for books in the Library's collection. You can search by title, author, subject heading, keyword, ISBN (if you know it). 

Smarter Search

When the catalog brings you a link to a book that matches your interest, explore a great tool embedded in the catalog: the subject headings that have been used for that book.

A book title; Envisioning Collaboration

By exploring the details for the book, you'll find a screen that includes the subject headings that have been assigned.

Hyperlinked subject headings from the catalog record for the book.

Click the subject headings and the catalog will bring you the books that have been given that subject heading. 

Here are all of the Library's ebooks on  'Communication of technical information'
Here are the ebooks on Visual Communication