Nonprofit Sector: International NGOs

Organizations & Associations

Suggested Search Strategies

When looking for books or doing other literature searches, the following keywords may be helpful:

  • international
  • development
  • globalization
  • ngo
  • non-government*

Remember that you can also use keywords to help craft more topical searches. For example, if you were searching for information about NGOs working for water quality, you might construct a search including keywords to capture both ideas. 

advanced search in P S U catalog

Consider also combining your search with subjects. Selected subjects in the PSU Library Catalog listed below may be useful.

  • non-governmental organizations
  • international organization
  • international cooperation

Sometimes you find the most relevant results by using a combination of keywords and subjects.

advanced search with subjects in P S U catalog

It's important to search by subject only if you already know what is the subject. Consider first using keyword searches until you see specified subjects that may help you limit your search. 

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