BA 301 Research & Analysis of Business Problems: Articles

Research Tips

How is your company portrayed in the media? Do a quick search on your company in major newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, or the Financial Times, or alternatively, do a Google News search (use Google Advanced Search to get better results). 

  • Search for the name of the company in the article headline
  • Limit your search to the last six months (or shorter if you get too many results)

Nexis Uni has a specific search filter called Negative News.

Articles that talk about problems don’t necessarily use the word “problem." Read up on the company, its competitors, and its environment. Problems will likely emerge as you gain a comprehensive and holistic view of the current position the company is in. When you have a more defined scope (e.g., is it labor, environmental practices, branding, or...?), use specific keywords in Business Source Premier, Nexis Uni, or Google to find more evidence to support your argument. 

Business Articles

Search databases across multiple publications:

Direct access to specific publications:

Journal Title Search

Finding Recent Articles in the Library Catalog Video

This video demonstrates how to find recent newspaper and peer reviewed articles in the Portland State University Library Catalog.

Searching for Articles in Business Source Premier