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Map Collection At Portland State University

The Map Collection is located in the Basement of the Library. It is a working collection consisting of topographic maps, aeronautical and nautical charts, geological maps, thematic maps, and travel maps of the World and the United States. The PSU atlas collection can be found on the Second Floor.

Federal Depository Program

As a federal selective depository library, Portland State maintains a complete collection of current maps produced by:

Also housed in the map room are lesser collections produced by or for

Circulation Policy

  • Most materials circulate with a few exceptions. Maps circulate for 7 days. Standard size atlases circulate for 7 days. OVERSIZE atlases are non-circulating as are any items marked "Reference". Reference materials include map catalogs, indexes, guides, and particular atlases.
  • Additionally, maps marked "historic", and some other special maps, do not circulate.

Collection Development Policy

The federal depository collection is supplemented by gifts and purchases. Geographical priorities for acquisition/collection development are:

  1. Portland and adjacent counties
    All scales and subjects, including atlases, gazetteers, and ephemeral travel materials, pre-1900 maps and facsimiles.
  2. Oregon
    All scales and subjects, including atlases, gazetteers, and ephemeral travel materials, pre-1900 maps and facsimiles.
  3. Pacific Northwest, including Idaho
    All subjects and selected scales, including atlases, gazetteers, and ephemeral travel materials.
  4. United States
    Thematic maps of the United States as a whole; sectional maps; atlases and gazetteers; regional and state-wide maps, with priority given to the western states and areas of special interest.
  5. Canada and Mexico
    Thematic maps; atlases and gazetteers; regional maps of scale 1:250,000. Maps of province-wide scope. Larger scales as budget allows.
  6. World, with emphasis on Pacific Rim countries
    Thematic maps, atlases and gazetteers of the world and of major ocean basins. Also continents and individual countries as a whole, including regions of special significance.

New In Maps

Looking for Maps? Ask Us!

If you need assistance locating or using the maps and atlases in the Map Collection, please contact:

  • The Reference Desk, located on the second floor. Phone number: (503) 725-2399 and Email
  • Richard Mikulski, Government Documents & Social Science Librarian (

For more information, try the Geology and Geography guides: 

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