Maps & Other Cartographic Information: Atlases

This guide will help you find maps and other geographic materials at the library

Online Atlases

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Atlases in the Map Collection have individual Library of Congress call numbers (from DS 654 to G 8310) and can be found by searching the Library's catalog. Because they can be quite large, the collection is split into regular and oversized atlases. Please look in both ranges of shelves for your publication.

In addition to these collections, some Oregon and Washington atlases are readily available for browsing in the Ready Reference Atlas Collection on (in transit).

Metsker County Atlases

The Metsker County Atlases are bound in flexible, red leatherette covers, one for each county of Oregon. Each page is a township map drawn to scale (2" = 1 mile). The maps show property ownership, plats, roads, trails, creeks, rivers, lakes, railroads, forests, towns, schools, camps, government lot numbers, donation land claims, as well as sections, townships, ranges and more. Most maps were last produced in the 1960's and 1970's.

These are shelved in Atlas Cases (in transit). They are indexed in the Library's catalog.

Search the Library's catalog for additional atlases