COVID-19: Coronavirus & Xenophobia

Bias Response at PSU

In an email sent Wednesday, March 11th to the PSU community, Interim Portland State University President Stephen Percy noted the following:

It’s more important than ever that PSU comes together as a united campus community and stand against discriminatory behavior. National origin has no bearing on how likely someone is to contract the coronavirus. If you witness or experience a bias incident or discrimination, contact Global Diversity and Inclusion.

Social Justice and Disaster Management

The Oxford Dictionary of Disaster Management defines social justice as:

The equal and just distribution of resources and opportunities. The resources of a society, including sustainability and disaster resilience, are never equally distributed, and the concept of social justice can be used to discuss these distributive issues. Poor households, for example, are more likely to be exposed to natural hazards and are more likely to succumb to these hazards than richer households. Although much ambiguity surrounds the concept of justice, there is a shared consensus that disaster management should extend beyond saving lives and protecting key infrastructures to also pursue equity and justice in disaster policies. Ideas of social justice in disaster management underlie the humanitarian principles.

- Rubin, O., & Dahlberg, R. social justice. In A Dictionary of Disaster Management. : Oxford University Press.

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