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This guide was developed to support PSU Community members interested in researching public policy. Many disciplines are interested in public policy, including but not limited to: Social Work, Public Administration, Community Health, and Urban Studies & Planning. This guide outlines what is public policy, highlights strategies for policy research, and offers suggested search tools to conduct policy research. Navigate this guide's contents by using the tabs, or any of the following links.

What is Policy? - This page highlights circular policy, and explains how bills become law.

Bills & Laws - This page provides lists of resources to find federal, state, and local bills, laws, and regulations.

Histories & Tracings - This page discusses legislative histories and tracings, and points to resources to find and create them.

Ballot Measures - This page discusses Oregon ballot measures, and links to resources for research on them.

Executive & Judicial - This page links to resources for researching executive and judicial involvement in policy.

Rulemaking - This page links to resources for rulemaking primarily in Oregon.

Evaluating Policy Impact - This page links to various resources that pinpoint policy stakeholders' analysis and interpretation of policy impacts.

How to Cite Policy Resources - This page provides resources to help you cite government documents and other policy-related materials.

Get Help - This page provides information on how to get more help from librarians at PSU.