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This guide was developed to support the Health Systems & Policy program of the OSHU-PSU School of Public Health. It was developed with input from Dr. Sherril Gelmon's PhD Seminar students during the 2020-2021 school year.Political cartoon. Depicts Harry Truman asking a patient "how about some health insurance?" The patient is covered in labeled bandages. The labels are: strikes, Pearl Harbor, foreign relations, non-production, and atomic bomb. The patient asks Truman, "Would I have to take a physical examination?"

  • Access the Libraries - find information about how to navigate both the PSU and OHUS libraries.
  • Finding Literature - find databases and other recommended resources for your literature searching in health systems and policy.
  • PubMed Help - find tutorials and tips on effectively using PubMed.
  • Research Methods - find resources to learn about different research methods and methodologies, as well as tips to find this literature.
  • Data Sets and More - find links to numerous resources containing datasets, both openly available and those with paid licenses through the library.
  • Interdisciplinary Research - find links to databases outside of the public health discipline to help your research.
  • Literature Reviews - find guidance on conducting literature review.
  • Policy Research - find guidance on policy research generally.
  • Open Access Public Health - find unpaywalled resources to support your research after you leave PSU.
  • Get Help - find ways to get assistance from the libraries.

Public Domain image retrieved from PICRYL.

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