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The Library is open for PSU students, faculty, and staff to access the stacks, study spaces, computer labs, and Learning Center appointments.  Your PSU ID card is required to enter the building.

The Circulation Desk is open for checking out course reserves, laptops, and other equipment, as well as library materials.

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In this Guide

This guide is intended to support PSU Public Health alumni as well as community and public health practitioners in their research efforts. Resources listed in this guide contain or entirely consist of open access content--content that is readily available and free of cost to the user. 

Open Access Explained!

This video explains the world of open access publishing. 

Animation by Jorge Cham; Narration by Nick Shockey and Jonathan Eisen; Transcription by Noel Dilworth. Produced in partnership with the Right to Research Coalition, the Scholarly Publishing and Resources Coalition and the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students.

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