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The resources on this guide provide information on Homelessness and the Homelessness Research Action Collaborative at Portland State University.


"While people agree that homelessness is one of the most pressing issues in our country, people do not agree on its causes or possible solutions."(HRAC Homepage, 2019) This guide provides resources and information regarding both local and national trends, issues, and debates in homelessness research.

Homelessness Research Action Collaborative

The Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative (HRAC) at Portland State University addresses the challenges of homelessness in Portland and beyond through solutions-oriented research  and evidence-based science focused on the conditions that lead to and perpetuate homelessness, with an emphasis on communities of color (HRAC, About, 2019).

How the Government Defines Homelessness, an Overview

Department of Housing and Urban Development Definitions

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This guide was created by:

Anders Tobiason, Portland State University Library and Jacen Greene, Assistant Director of the Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative, Portland State University, with input from the members of the Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative