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Guides & Tutorials: Special Topics

Fake News

" "Identify & Challenge Fake News Guide

This guide explores fake news and provides practical tools for quickly evaluating the credibility of information. Analyzing what we see and hear is vital to a functioning, healthy citizenry.

Image: Little and Big by Matthew G

Portland & Oregon

Historic photograph of Portland Oregon

Portland & Oregon Guide

This guide will provide you with information and sources to support research on Portland and the state of Oregon.

Image: Portland, Oregon with Mt. Hood (date unknown). OSU Special Collections & Archives


cannabis flowerCannabis Guide

Looking for reliable information and research related to marijuana? This guide provides resources on a variety of cannabis/marijuana related topics such as policy, the war on drugs, health and psychology research, and the marijuana industry. 

Image: Brian Shamblen; Cannabis Flower from Flickr Creative Commons 


" "Immigration Guide

Immigration is a multidisciplinary topic, involving areas as diverse as political science, education, business, and even language and literature. This guide will help you begin your research regarding immigration through the libraries' collections and beyond.

Elections & Politics

Political cartoon Election & Politics Guide

Elections are the benchmark of the democratic political process. This guide is a good starting place for any research needs on elections in the US and beyond. It includes various web and print resources in presidential, federal, state, local and world elections.

Image: Taft's Summer Schedule. Berryman Political Cartoon Collection, compiled 1896 - 1949. National Archives.  


" "


This guide is intended to provide explanatory information about copyright, and guidance in determining if the use you would like to make of copyrighted material is allowed by law or can be considered via exemptions in the law.

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Culturally Responsive & Inclusive Curriculum Resources" "

This guide is meant to help faculty at PSU find information and resources that will help them begin to create courses and curriculum that are more culturally responsive to and inclusive of our students. This guide is a response to the Curriculum Committees' new requirements in regards to culturally responsive courses and programs. 

Open Educational Resources

O E R logo

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research materials in any medium that reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others. This guide points to OER portals and search engines for discovering open textbooks, course modules, and media.