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Immigration and Migration Studies is a highly interdisciplinary area of research. This guide provides access to resources and thinkers on the wide issues related to immigration and migration studies. Critical race studies and critical migration studies provide a jumping off point to really interrogate the ways in which both immigration policy and discourse is constructed. In this guide we will see how the intersection of whiteness, nationalism, and narratives of crisis and criminality have all contributed to both the historical and current narratives of immigration and migration.

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Statistics, Law, and Government Information - Find legal information and policies at the state, federal and international level. Also includes data and statistics regarding immigration issues.

Background Resources - Find background information resources on your topic, identify key authors and works.

Policy and Advocacy - Find information on Policy and Advocacy Groups.

Crisis of Immigration - Find select books and ebooks on the crisis and criminalization of immigration. Also contains a recent webinar on this topic.

Undocumented - Find select books and ebooks on undocumented migrants. Also contains two news feeds, as well as links to library licensed films on this topic.

Border Detention - Find select books and ebooks on border detention. Also contains an ACLU video and a news feed on this topic.

Refugees - Find select books and ebooks on refugees. Also contains a webinar on the Dismantling of the U.S. Asylum system as well as a twitter feed from the UNHCR.

Race and Immigration - Find select books and ebooks on race and immigration. Also contains a keynote lecture by Jose Antonio Vargas on the subject.

Find Articles - search for articles online and in print. Recommends the best resources for finding research and case studies in international studies.

Image: Immigration Queue, Narita Airport, Japan Ⓒ 2006 Andrea Barisani

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