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Culturally Responsive & Inclusive Curriculum Resources: Home


This guide is meant to help faculty at PSU find information and resources that will help them begin to create courses and curriculum that are more culturally responsive to and inclusive of our students. This guide is a response to the Curriculum Committees' new requirements in regards to culturally responsive courses and programs. As the new course and program proposal forms state:

"ELEVATING STUDENTS SUCCESS: As you develop the content, pedagogy and delivery method of your course, keep in mind how your course is culturally responsive, reflects a diversity of voice and accounts for a wide variety of learning styles."

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Credits and Contacts

This guide was created by Bob Schroeder and Kim Pendell at the PSU library.

Please contact Kim at if you have any comments or ideas for additions for this guide.

Thanks to Steve Harmon and Scott Marshall from the Office of Academic Affairs who came up with the idea for this guide, and to Kerth O'Brien who gave feedback and suggested additional resources.