Culturally Responsive & Inclusive Curriculum Resources: Humanities

Examples & Recommended Readings from Humanities Disciplines

Art History (Sample syllabus, St. Lawrence University)

Greek Poetry, Philosophy, Politics (Sample Syllabus, St. Lawrence University)

Branche, Jerome., Mullennix, John W, and Cohn, Ellen R. Diversity across the Curriculum : A Guide for Faculty in Higher Education. Bolton, Mass.: Anker Pub., 2007 PSU Library   Shelves -- 3rd floor   LC3727 .D538 2007

This book contains many chapters with examples of culturally responsive teaching in humanities disciplines, including:

  • Introducing gender and race into the curriculum of medieval Italian studies / Dennis Looney
  • Black German studies : curriculum initiatives for diversity in German studies / Sarah McGaughey
  • Afro-Hispanic studies and implications for diversity in the Spanish curriculum / James Davis -
  • Diversity and discipline : approaching French literary studies / Roberta Hatcher
  • Keeping up with current demographic changes : responsive course content in foreign language departments / Flore Zéphir
  • Diversifying a Political Science Core Class  / Richard Heinisch
  • Diversity in the linguistic classroom / Shelome Gooden
  • Latin American film and culture / María Cristina Saavedra
  • Cultural Diversity and the Public Speaking Course  /John W. Gareis and Ellen Cohn
  • Reframing the reference : diversity in modern design culture / Linda Lindroth
  • Introduction to dance / Susan Gillis Kruman.