Culturally Responsive & Inclusive Curriculum Resources: Humanities

Examples & Recommended Readings from Humanities Disciplines

Branche, Jerome., Mullennix, John W, and Cohn, Ellen R. Diversity across the Curriculum : A Guide for Faculty in Higher Education. Bolton, Mass.: Anker Pub., 2007 PSU Library   Shelves -- 3rd floor   LC3727 .D538 2007

This book contains many chapters with examples of culturally responsive teaching in humanities disciplines, including:

  • Introducing gender and race into the curriculum of medieval Italian studies / Dennis Looney
  • Black German studies : curriculum initiatives for diversity in German studies / Sarah McGaughey
  • Afro-Hispanic studies and implications for diversity in the Spanish curriculum / James Davis -
  • Diversity and discipline : approaching French literary studies / Roberta Hatcher
  • Keeping up with current demographic changes : responsive course content in foreign language departments / Flore Zéphir
  • Diversifying a Political Science Core Class  / Richard Heinisch
  • Diversity in the linguistic classroom / Shelome Gooden
  • Latin American film and culture / María Cristina Saavedra
  • Cultural Diversity and the Public Speaking Course  /John W. Gareis and Ellen Cohn
  • Reframing the reference : diversity in modern design culture / Linda Lindroth
  • Introduction to dance / Susan Gillis Kruman.