UNST High School Senior Inquiry: Scholarly Articles

What is a Scholarly Article?

Academic or scholarly journal articles: 

  • Written by experts in a particular field
  • Written for other experts in that field 
  • Use expert language, or jargon, specific to that field
  • Report on the results of research such as a scientific experiment
  • Typically longer
  • Very narrow and specific focus
  • Give little to no background information

When searching for scholarly articles, match your search terms with the language experts use and be specific with your terms.  

What is Peer Review?

This 3 minute video from North Carolina State University explains what a scholarly article is and how peer review works.  

How to Quickly Scan & Evaluate a Scholarly Article

This 3 minute video from Quinebaug Library explains the framework of a scholarly article so you can quickly scan it and decide if it will support your research. 

Find Scholarly Articles

Research Starting Points:

Recommended Databases by Subject: