UNST High School Senior Inquiry: Evaluate Sources

Evaluate your Resources Tutorial

Evaluate your Resources Tutorial

Advanced Google

Limit your search results to a particular domain

Example: I want to find government sources about vaccines.

What to type in the search box: vaccines site:.gov

screenshot of google search

Limit your search results to a specific website

Example: I want to search The Oregonian for imformation about flouride in my drinking water. 

What to type in the search box:  flouride water site:.oregonlive.com

screenshot of google search

For more Google search options, look for the Settings link under the main search on your results page.  Then, find the Advanced Search link.

These tips and tricks are not necessarily limited to Google.  Check the search engine of your choice for advanced options, often listed under More at the top of the search screen.

Evaluating Sources for Credibility