International Business: Country Profiles

Country Profiles

General information and analytical reports on a country, may include PESTLE analysis, SWOT analysis, risk assessment, forecast, business environment, etc. Coverage varies by country.

Country Rankings

Business Environment


Culture/Social Enviroment

While "culture" is often considered enduring, some countries (e.g., China) have gone through dramatic changes in the past decade or more. Evaluate the currency of the information (e.g., descriptions about cultures and social customs from books published 20 years ago may or may not be accurate anymore). Consult recent books, articles, or websites to get a better picture of a country's culture. 

For more information on culture, communication, and business etiquette, search with the following keywords in the library catalog:

  • intercultural communication
  • intercultural communication [country], * e.g., [Japan]
  • national characteristics [people] * e.g., [Japanese]
  • business etiquette
  • business etiquette [country] * e.g., [Japan]
  • negotiation in business [country]
  • business communication [country]
  • corporate culture [country]
  • manners and customs