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BA 311 Marketing Management: Company/BCG Matrix

Places to Start Research

  1. Company's website: mission, vision, goals, customer value proposition (as available), 10-K/Annual Report, media/news/press releases.
    • Not all companies have a "mission/vision statement" per se, but you can get a general idea from their website or annual report/10-K.
  2. Recommended databases listed in the Company Profiles box.
    • The following databases may have a readily available SWOT analysis on select companiesBusiness Insight, Business Source Premier, Investext, Passport.
  3. ‚ÄčInformation on public companies is much more readily available than info on private companies or subsidiaries. Tips on researching private companies

Finding 10-Ks and 20-Fs

Different ways to search for company filings

  • Company's website (usually under Investors or Investor Relations); or google [company name] 10k
  • EDGAR search options: Filings search tool of the SEC. 

** 20-F: annual SEC filings by foreign corporations traded on US exchanges.

Company Profiles



Earnings Conference Calls - Transcripts

Earnings Conference Calls may provide insight on company strategies and responses to issues. Transcripts may be available on the company website (usu. under Investors/Investor Relations). Additional resources for transcripts:

Frequency Analysis of Press Releases

Company press releases are available on the company website under Media, News, or Press (particular terms might differ). Or simply google [company name such as Apple] Press release

Constructing a BCG Matrix

** Video Playlist: click on the image below for videos on finding market growth and market shares information in library databases, using Coca-Cola as an example:

photo of playlist in youtube

To construct the BCG Matrix, you need the following information:

Products -- usually product and brand information is readily available on a company's website or in their annual report (if it's a public company). 

Market growth -- "growth rate" refers to the growth of the market (e.g., bottled water or juice), i.e., the % change of revenue/sales/market size from year to year. It can be positive (growth) or negative (decline). Might be available from the following sources: * if there is no growth rate for your specific market, broaden your search to a larger category that covers it (e.g., if there is no information on "organic energy bars without cashews", find information on "organic energy bars" or even just "energy bars" instead)

  • Mintel: ** watch the video in the playlist above
  • Passport: ** watch the video in the playlist above
  • IBISWorld: ** watch the video in the playlist above
  • Statista: ** watch the video in the playlist above
  • Business Source Premier: growth rate is covered in the industry profile (if available)
  • Census - Business & Industry: search by keyword or NAICS code and find the corresponding data sets. If data are available annually you can calculate the growth rate.
  • Other industry profile databases (e.g., SBRNet is great for researching the sporting goods market).
  • Article search in Business Source Premier or LexisNexis Academic; try keyword search like [industry name or product name] AND [grow* or grew]
  • Google 

Market share -- "market share" refers to share of the specific product/brand (e.g., Dasani or Minute Maid). Try the sources listed in Industry & Market Research - Market Shares

Depending on the company, BCG Matrix can be easy to construct (e.g., consumer products are covered extensively in Mintel and Passport), or challenging due to the limited information on certain types of businesses or products. If you don't find specific data, broaden the search, or use existing information and make an educated estimate.

Market/Household Penetration Rate: not available in all databases and wording might be different. Brainstorm how penetration rate may be described for a given product or service, in addition to words like buy or purchase. For example:

  • Household items: own* (own, owns, owning, ownership), possess* (possess, possession)
  • Beverages or foods: use/user/usage, consum* (consumer, consumes, or consumption) 
  • Service/Activity: member* (member, members, membership), participate/participation, shop, use/user/usage, adoption