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Industry & Market Research: Advertising/Brands


Essential publication on the ad industry.

Ad Rates

Many media companies list their rates on their websites. Just google [company, e.g., Wall Street Journal] ad rate and you should get to their "media kit" quickly. For companies that don't disclose details online, SRDS Media Solutions (listed below) is the go-to database. 


Ad Expenditures

It's difficult to find free information on ad spending of a company, esp. by brand and medium (e.g., TV vs. Internet). The PSU Library cannot afford the comprehensive database that provides those detailed data; however, we did purchase the 2015 dataset (the AD$ Summary file listed below) for your reference.

A public company's 10-K report may mention expenditures on advertising. Figures are annual and cover the entire company, not particular brands.

Anecdotal information might have been mentioned in news articles. Search strategy:

  • company name AND (adspend OR "advertising spend" OR "advertising expenditure" OR "advertising budget") 
  • Database suggestions include: Business Source Premier, Business Insights Global, Google News, and the Wall Street Journal.  
  • Go to AdvertisingAge or ADWEEK's websites and do a site search for possible articles. 

Social Media

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Consumer Media Usage

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