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In This Guide

This course guide supports USP 301 - Introduction to Community Development. This guide contains instructional content in addition to information resources that will support your work completing your Case Study Analysis assignment. For assignment details please refer to the instructions provided by your course instructor.


  • Community Research - Find resources and tips to research the communities in which your community organization operates. 
  • Organization Research - Find resources and tips to research the community organization you will be evaluating, as well as researching the social problems the organizations address. 
  • Tax & Financial Data - Find resources linking you to financial information regarding your community organization.
  • Case Studies - Find resources and tips to view example case studies in the literature. 
  • Annotated Bibliographies - Understand what is an annotated bibiliography.
  • Get Help - All the ways to get help from the library are linked here. 

"Philatopia" by Simon Rogers is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

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