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To gather information, you will need to do both secondary research and primary research. This guide is created to guide you through the secondary research process by offering tips and recommended resources. 

Secondary research (using library databases, googling, etc.) provides context, inspires ideas and questions, and sets the stage for primary research (interview, observation, pop-up shops, etc.).

Please keep in mind that not all topics are created equal. The sources listed in this guide don't have all the answers. You will have to broaden your topic or do primary research if:

-- Your topic is too new (e.g., emerging technology) or too niche (nobody has written about it). You can infer to some degree by researching related/competing/proxy industries/products. 

-- Information you want is not available to you for free (e.g., most market research reports and publications from industry associations)

-- Information you want is not publicly disclosed (e.g., internal documents, trade secrets, private company financial data).

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