International Studies: What is Peer Review?

Is it peer reviewed?

This 2-minute video shows you a few different ways to check whether an article is peer-reviewed or refereed.

The Peer Review Process Video

Link to video about peer review process

3 minute video on the peer review process, created by the North Carolina State University Libraries:

Journal Website

A journal's website so also indicate whether it is a peer reviewed publication, either on the "about" or "submissions" page. An example is the Pacific Historical Review, which is hosted by PSU and distributed by the University of California Press. The submissions page outlines their peer review process in detail:


Note of warning: just because a journal identifies itself as peer reviewed does not make this true. It is important to use other tools on this page to verify whether a journal is recognized as a peer reviewed publication.


1) Select "Publications."

2) Type in the title and search.

3) Look at the "peer reviewed" section.

Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory

Peer-Reviewed? Check Ulrich's

If you find an article, check to see if it is in peer-reviewed journal in the PSU Library database, Ulrichs International Periodicals Directory. Search for the title of the journal. 

Ulrichs Peer Review Article Search


When you click on the title of the journal, you will see quite a bit of information about that journal. What you're looking for is whether it is refereed or peer-reviewed (Ulrich's Refereed Icon ). If you are not sure if you clicked on the right journal title, check the description and make sure it relates to your research or the topic of your article.


Ulrichs article information results

Check the Peer Review box

In PSU Databases, select the peer review box to ensure all the results are from a peer reviewed journal.


EBSCO Databases

ProQuest Databases