World Languages & Literature: Permalinks & Citation Management

A guide to performing research in the languages and literatures of the world.

Citation Management Tool: Zotero

Zotero is a citation management application that allows you to collect book and article citations from the library catalog and other databases. Zotero also connects with your word processor (MS Word, Google Docs, Libre Office) to insert in text citations and generate a reference list in your selected citation style. 

See the library guide, Manage Citations with Zotero, on how to use this tool. The Library provides workshops and support for Zotero. 

Capturing Citations from the Library Catalog

You can export results to various tools. Use the Send to menu.

For EndNote, choose EndNote under Send to. This will download a file to your computer. Then go to EndNote and import the file.

For Mendeley or Zotero, choose Export RIS under Send to. This will download a file to your computer. Then go to Mendeley or Zotero and import the file.

More information: Manage Citations with Zotero, Mendeley and EndNote.


To find the permalink (persistent URL) to the item that you want to reference:

  1. Find the item in the PSU Library Catalog.
  2. Select the  Send to drop-down menu on the right.
  3. Select Permalink.
  4. Copy the permalink.

For more information, see Persistent Links to Library Content.

Selected Online Citation Guides

Print Style Guides in the PSU Library