Physical Activity & Nutrition: Using SPORTDiscus

SPORTDiscus Overview

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SPORTDiscus is the main database for finding Physical Activity & Exercise related literature. It contains more than 670 full-text journals, Books, Book chapters, Conference proceedings, Journal articles and more. This page offers information on how to use SPORTDiscus effectively, and accessing materials you find in SPORTDiscus from the Portland State Library.

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What is SPORTDiscus?

SPORTDiscus is an authoritative bibliographic database that provides the most comprehensive coverage of physical activity and nutrition topics such as fitness, health, and sport studies. This database is the premier source of literature for sports and sports medicine journals, providing content from many well-known and respected sources. The database includes journal and monograph coverage back to 1800, dissertations and these, references from journals and magazine articles, books, book chapter, conference proceedings and more.

Why Use SPORTDiscus?

Using SPORTDiscus allows you to search only physical activity, exercise and nutrition related literature. The Database is user friendly and relevant and contains both scholarly and popular material. The depth of resources on this topic are not matched in any other research database. 

What Subjects are covered by SPORTSDiscus?

Subjects include (but are not limited to):

  • Biomechanics
  • Exercise physiology
  • Health education
  • Kinesiology
  • Nutrition
  • Occupational health and therapy
  • Physical education
  • Physical therapy
  • Sports medicine 

A full list can be found here

SPORTDiscus Database

SPORTDiscus Tutorial