Urban Honors Program: Your Thesis

Writing a thesis statement

Examples of Undergraduate Theses

Here are some online repositories of undergraduate honors theses, from PSU and other universities. Note that the requirements for an honors thesis at other schools may differ from those at PSU. These topics may be helpful in coming up with your own topic - check with your PSU Honors professor or your honors advisor to be sure.


PDXScholar  - For copies of Portland State Honors theses

Pennsylvania State Honors Theses - Search or Browse the theses.

University of Florida 


University of California, Berkeley


University of California, Davis

The 1-minute Approach


If you can talk about your research topic for an entire minute without stopping, then you are ready to formulate a research question.This means that you have the background information it takes to come up with a good research question.

Background reading on your topic helps you to formulate a research question. Use the subject encyclopedia databases for useful entries about your topic.

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