Urban Honors Program: Find Books

PSU Library Catalog

What is a subject heading?

Subject headings are a formalized way of of searching library catalogs. The right subect heading can help you get to information more quickly.

For example, Urban Planning can be described using the following terms:

  • Urban Planning
  • City Planning
  • Regional Planning
  • Planning

You could search the library catalog for all those keywords. Or, use one subject heading to find relevant library materials about planning:

City planning

Who determines subject headings? The Library of Congress. Copies of the complete set of the Library of Congress Subject Headings are available at the Reference Desk.

Browse for Books

Sometimes browsing the library stacks can help you find books you didn't even know you were looking for. The following are good areas to peruse.

HE 305-311: Urban transportation.

HM 756-781: Community.

HN 41-46: Community centers. Social centers.

HT 101-395: Urban groups. The city. Urban sociology.

HT 161-165: Garden cities. "The city beautiful."

HT165.5-169.9: City planning.

HT-170-178: City population.

HT 231: Effect of city life.

HT 321-325: The city as an economic factor, city promotion.

HT330-334: Metropolitan areas.

HT 351-352: Suburban cities and towns.

HT 361-384: Urbanization. City and country.

HT 388: Regional economics. Space in economics.

HT 390-395: Regional planning

NA 1-9428: Architecture

NA 9000-9048: Aesthetics of cities. City planning and beautifying

Maps of the library are available at the 2nd floor Reference Desk, elevator lobbies, and also online.

Find Books by Subject

After you execute a catalog search, click on the "Print Books" and "eBooks" facets to limit your search results to only books. 
Screenshot of books/ebooks facet
After you find a useful book, scroll down to the Details headingto find a list of related subjects that you might consider adding to your search.
Screenshot of book with subjects

Then you can add the subject to your search in the advanced search in the Libray's catalog, to combine subjects with keywords.

Screenshot of advanced search

Request a Book from the Library Catalog

If a print book is either checked out or not in the PSU Library collection, you can request the book from another library. Be sure to sign in to see your request options! 

request from other libraries option for book

eBook Collections

Browse eBooks in the following collections or in the PSU Library catalog.