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Where are Architecture Books in the Library?

Browsing the library shelves by call number ranges is another strategy for locating information on a topic; call numbers can help you get to the "right neighborhood" in the library stacks.

Call Number Subject
NA 1 - 9428 Architecture
NA 190 - 1614 History. Historical Monuments
NA 2695 - 2793 Architectural design and drawing
NA 2835 - 4050 Architectural details, motives, decoration, etc.
NA 4100 - 8480 Special classes of buildings
NA 9000 - 9428 Aesthetics of cities. City planning and beautification
HT 101 - 395 Urban Sociology. The City
HT 390 - 395 Regional Planning
SB 469 - 476.4 Landscape
TH 1 - 9745 Building Construction

Requesting Books & Articles

While the Portland State Library has a large collection of books, articles, and journals, we may not have a specific item you are looking for. In that case, you may be able to get it for you from another library.

  • If you find an item in the catalog and our copy is not available you can Request from other libraries

screenshot of catalog request from other libraries


Use the search box on the Ebooks page to quickly find books the Library has available online. 

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