Guide for Business Faculty: How I Can Help You

How I Can Help You

Some of the things I can do as the library liaison to the business school:

Answer any faculty questions related to the library:

  • If I don't know the answer, I will refer you to the best person(s) that might help. 
  • If I am not available (out of office), you can always use our Ask a Librarian service
  • Questions like "how does the library budget work" and "why don't we have Database/Journal X and how can we get it" are complicated and evolving. I'd be happy to talk; call or email me.

Acquire materials and/or help with course design:

  • I can show you or your teaching assistant how to link to library-owned/licensed materials so you don't have to worry about copyright.
  • I will purchase materials (if available and budget permitting) that you need for a class or for your own research.
  • I will collaborate with you to create a meaningful assignment focusing on research skills and strategic thinking.

Provide library instruction for your class: 

  • If your class has a secondary research component, I can help students find relevant library resources and think strategically about the research process by visiting your class in person, providing a virtual session (e.g., via Google Hangout), or creating customized video tutorials and/or course guides.

Help your students outside of class:

  • While I enjoy working with students, due to the large number of business students, it's more efficient to refer them first to the Reference Desk. Most questions can be answered by our librarians at the Desk quickly. The Reference Desk is also open in the evenings and on weekends when I am usually not available. 
  • If students need more help after consulting the Reference Desk, they are absolutely welcome to contact me directly.