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Chicano/Latino Studies: Encyclopedias & Reference Sources

An overview of researching Chicano/Latino Studies at PSU Library and beyond.

Online Encyclopedias

Encyclopedias are designed to provide overview, background, synthesis and a quick examination of a topic. Articles are written by discplinary experts for general readers and often will include a selected bibliography of the important works on a particular topic. 

Click on the title to access the online encyclopedia:

Print Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Here is a sampling of print encyclopedias providing overviews and context regarding Chicano/Latino studies topics. Note: you may want to consult subject encyclopedias covering topics of interest (e.g., Encyclopedia of Bilingual Education).

Miscellaneous Reference Works

Multidisciplinary Reference Sources

Reference sources can perform a number of information functions: define concepts and vocabulary, provide chronologies, provide a coherent overview of a topic or discipline, contextualize a subject area by virtue of the topics which are included in the scope of a particular work, get you up to speed quickly by filling in background facts and themes.