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BA 311 Marketing Management: Environmental Scan/SWOT

SWOT Analysis in Library Databases

Library databases below may have a readily available SWOT report on select companies. Not all companies have a such a report. 

Earnings Conference Calls - Transcripts

Earnings Conference Calls may provide insight on company strategies and responses to issues. Transcripts may be available on the company website (usu. under Investors/Investor Relations). Additional resources for transcripts:


CRS Reports

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) produces analytical reports on topics of interest to Congress, but does not maintain a public website with these reports.  

For more information, see the Dudley Knox Library of the Naval Postgraduate School's guide on Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports

Definition Of Environmental Scan

Environmental Scan, an examination of the external and internal environments:

  • External environment: political/legal/regulatory, economic, social/demographic, technology (P.E.S.T. Analysis).
  • Industry environment: new entrants, suppliers, buyers, product substitutes, intensity of rivalry, position of the firm in the industry (Porter's Five Forces Analysis). 
  • Firm-level: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT Analysis). 

There isn't an article or report called "environmental scan." This is something that you must write yourself by synthesizing information from multiple sources.

Consider broader forces: overall economy, social media, mobile technology, consumer health, globalization, population change (e.g., immigration, aging), etc..

Also consider industry-specific forces: e.g., for the automobile industry, factors like economy and disposable income, gas price, new technologies, environmental concerns, changes in consumer preferences, industry/government incentives, global/foreign competitions, etc..

Recommended sources: most databases featuring company profiles or industry profiles (e.g., IBISWorld, Business Source Premier, Business Insights, Passport) will have some information on environmental factors and their impact on the company or industry. In addition, follow current events in the news and search for current articles related to the company or industry.

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