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Library Services for Fall Term 2020

front of the library buildingFor fall term, the circulation desk and the first floor computer lab are open. Print materials, equipment, and other items can be picked up at the circulation desk or delivered to your home address. All other services are online only.

Please visit Library Services - Fall 2020 for more information.

In this guide

This guide is focused on the various resources useful for your social policy research:

Research Tips

Research Tips:

  • Think like a detective. Identifying the specifics about a policy, such as the formal and informal titles, bill or law number, and key individuals and groups that pushed for the policy can be helpful as you look for information across many different types of information sources.
  • If you are researching a newly enacted policy, it is unlikely that the impact has been assessed yet. Typically, research on the impact of a policy will take at least two years to appear. In this case, look for similar policies enacted in other jurisdictions that can reasonably provide useful information about how a policy will unfold. 
  • Be flexible. Policy research involves using many different types of resources and websites, all with their own specific ways of searching.
  • Use CTRL + F to find your topic in lengthy online documents. 

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Policy Research Video Tutorial

To skip ahead to specific sections, please refer to the following time stamps:

  • Using different sources for research 0:34
  • Tour of useful resources 1:05
  • Ask a Librarian 1:31
  • Exploring the Social Problem 1:48
  • Exploring Encyclopedias 2:01
  • Data & Statistics 2:58
  • Media & public opinion 4:01
  • Investigating the Policy 5:44
  • Searching bills and laws 5:50
  • Government agency information 7:50
  • Looking for Impact Policy 8:46
  • Think tank & advocacy reports 8:12
  • Finding research articles 10:40
  • Search tips & Conclusion 11:45

Ask a Librarian

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