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Library Services for Summer Term 2021

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The Library's 1st floor is open for students to pick up items at the circulation desk and use the computer lab (limited seating available).  Please visit Library Services - Summer 2021 for more information.  Laptops, wifi hotspots, and other equipment are available for checkout.


In This Guide

2017.02.25 Rally in Support of Affordable Care Act #ACA Washington, DC USA 01250This course guide supports HSMP 571/671 - Health Policy. It contains instructional content in addition to information resources that will support your work completing your Policy Analysis paper. For assignment details please refer to the instructions provided by your course instructor.

  • Community Research - Find resources and tips to research the communities in which your social problem or health policy problem exists. 
  • Find Statistics - Find statistical sources related to health.
  • Social Problems - Understand circular public policy and the players involved in social problems and public policy.
  • Find literature - Find appropriate databases to search for literature, and search tips.
  • PubMed Help - Find tips for appropriate PubMed search techniques.
  • Policy Research - Find tips and tricks for policy research on the Policy Research Guide.
  • Get Help - All the ways to get help from the library are linked here.

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Signing in to Access Library Resources Video

This video describes the different ways to sign in to access library materials.

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