Manage Your Research Data: Data Archives & Data Sharing

This guide provides a primer on the fundamentals of data management.

Archiving Data at Portland State University

"Archived Data" is material you have collected throughout the research process that you want to share when the project is conclude.
Most grants will call this "final research data," which PIs will share with colleagues to facilitate future research projects.  Once data is archives, it cannot be changed and is static.

Live or active data, which is still being collected or manipulated throughout a project's life cycle, should not be archived. For live data storage, contact PSU's Office of Information Technology.

On This Page

Archiving Data at PSU
Provides a discussion of archived data and final research data. Section also highlights storage and archive options for data.

Data Repositories
Lists several data repositories were researchers can archive their data.


Data Repositories

Below is a sample of date repositories in which researchers can deposit their data. 
Please note that grants or journals may require PIs to deposit their data into a specific repository.