Manage Your Research Data: Using the DMPTool

This guide provides a primer on the fundamentals of data management.


This page provides a walk-thru for the DMPTool, a resource that assists researchers in creating data management plans. It provides a step-by-step guide, as well as a DMP template. DMPTool also provides guidelines on what should be addressed in each section of the plan. In addition to general templates, the DMPTool also provides templates designed for specific federal agencies and their divisions.  Below is a short step-by-step guide on using the DMPTool.

DMPTool step-by-step guide

1) Sign in at the DMPTool home page.
Sign in to DMP Tool


2) PSU is a registered institutional partner, so select Option 1.
Selection Option 1

3) Type in Portland State University.
Look up Portland State University

4) You will be asked to sign in. If you do not have one already, register for a free account.
Create an account or sign in

5) Once signed in, select "Create Plan."
Once logged in, create a new plan.

6) Include the title of your project. Be sure to select the primary funding organization. If applicable, select the appropriate DMP template.
Select the funding organization


7) Fill in as much information as possible in the "Project Details" section, then move on to "Plan overview."

Fill out the project details

8) "Plan overview" will provide definitions for the terms you will encounter filling out the DMP template.
Read terms on Plan Overview page

9) The "write plan" tab will have several sections. Each will open to provide more detail.
"Write Plan" page displays sections of a DMP

10) Each drop-down will provide a short description of what information is required. On the side of the screen you will find links to funding agency guidelines.
Sections provide specific details for what is required.

11) The "DMPTool" tab on the right provides detailed explanations of the information  required in each section.
DMPTool section provides detailed descriptions of what is required.

12) Once the Plan is  completed, there are various ways to share the plan, or you can download it.
Share through one of the several options, or download DMP.

13) The plan will be saved in you DMPTool account, and can be revised in the future.

Log in to DMP Tool to revise or revisit old plans.