Career Development : Industry

Research Tips

There are three main sources for industry information:

  • Industry reports/profiles through Library databases: relatively comprehensive overview (e.g., size, forecast, main players, current issues). A very new or niche industry may not have a dedicated report. 
  • Industry associations: may provide unique data and analysis not available elsewhere and some information may be free on the website.
  • General media: newspapers, business magazines, trade publications, industry blogs. Use them to be informed of current developments related to an industry. They are especially useful if one cannot find a dedicated industry report. Use library article databases or do a Google search.

Industry Research

Which industry does your company operate in?

Two tips on finding out what industry or industries a company operates in:

  • Most library databases that provide Company Profiles will include the primary industry (and sometimes secondary industries) the company is in. For example, in Business Insights: image of company profile in Business Insights
  • In IBISWorld, type in your company's name (or a main player's name if your company doesn't yield good results) to find relevant industry information: ibisworld company name search

Industry & Market Research Reports



Industry/Trade Associations

An industry association is established to advocate for the industry and associated companies. They collect and provide unique data/articles/reports. Sometimes these sources are on their websites for free.

To find the industry association websites:

  • Do a Google search with keywords followed by "association".
  • Industry profiles in library databases may have a section for related associations. For example, in the IBISWorld report, look under "About this Industry", then "Additional Resources".