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Find Books by Subject

After you find a useful book, look under the "Details" portion of the book's catalog entry at "Subjects." Here you'll find a list of related subjects that you might consider adding to your search. You can also click on a subject link in the record, e.g. clicking on "Population" would bring up a list of all the Library's books, journals, etc. on that topic.  

Subjects in a book record

Useful Subjects

  • Population
  • Emigration and Immigration
  • Migration
  • Population Geography
  • Human Geography
  • Demography
  • Population Research
  • Population Policy

How to find eBooks in the Library Catalog

We collect eBooks whenever possible. After you execute a search in the Portland State Library catalog, click on the "eBooks" facet to limit your search results to only ebooks.

ebooks limit option

Records for eBooks look like this:
ebook record online access link

PSU Library Catalog - Book Search


Results include both print and ebooks, available from Portland State Library and the Summit Libraries.

Selected Books

Browse for Books in the Library

Sometimes browsing the library stacks can help you find books you didn't even know you were looking for. The following are good areas to peruse.

  • HB848-3697 -  Demography. Population. Vital events
  • HT201-221 - City Population
  • HV4005-4013 - Immigrants
  • JV1-9480 - Colonies and colonization. Emigration and immigration. International migration 
  • RA648.5-767 - Epidemics. Epidemiology. Quarantine. Disinfection 

Maps of the library are available at the 2nd floor Reference Desk, elevator lobbies, and also online.