Search the PSU Library Catalog: Finding eBooks

Three Steps to Finding eBooks

Step 1

Search with title, author, or keywords in the search box on the PSU Library homepage.

Step 2

Under Resource Type select eBooks

Step 3

For the eBook, select  Online Access, then the link provided after "available online at..." 

library homepage search box


catalog limiters for ebooks


eBook online access link in the library item brief record

eBooks at PSU Library Only

 eBooks are only available from the PSU Library. eBooks are not available from Summit libraries or through Interlibrary Loan.

PSU eBooks will display in the PSU/Summit Libraries search scope or the PSU Library search scope after selecting eBooks under Resource Type. 

eBooks Quick Search

Searching in this box will retrieve only eBooks held by Portland State University. eBooks cannot be requested from other libraries.  If you do another search within the catalog, it will default to all format types.

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