Art + Design: Art and Social Practice

This is by no means comprehensive, but we wanted to provide a space to highlight resources and materials that can inform a broad understanding of the field of art and social practice.

Important Links for Art + Social Practice

Art and social practice is "an artistic approach that emphasizes collaboration, shared authorship, public participation, site-specificity, and interdisciplinarity, is often presented in non-art locations, and has no media or formal boundaries.” This definition is provided by Harrell Fletcher, professor, director, and founder of the Art and Social Practice MFA Program at PSU.

Visit the MFA program website for more information.

Searching Library Resources for Art + Social Practice Resources

Art + Social Practice books can show up in multiple areas in the library, so if you are browsing the catalog, you might try typing some of these search terms (subject headings) into the search bar (list compiled with reference to guides from Otis College and RISD):

If you're browsing the stacks, there are a few places you might want to look (on the 3rd floor):

HN: Social history and reform movements

N403-435: Art museums and the public

N6494 I..: Installation art (History)

N8870-9165...: Art and the state. Public art

NC (subclass is drawing/design/illustration)

NC997-1003: Commercial art, Advertising art

NC1280-1850: Ranges from Ephemera "Imagerie populaire", to Posters

ND2550-2733: Mural painting

NX covers all kinds of "special topics" in art: 

NX180 covers Artists and community, Arts in politics, society/culture

NX420-430: Exhibitions




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