UNST 242C Leading Social Change - Dardis: Cite Sources

Why Cite?

When you use someone else's word, ideas, or images in your writing, you need to give them proper credit.  Providing a citation or reference enables others to locate these sources too.  

We cite to:                                                                                                                                    

  • Avoid plagiarism - give credit where credit is dueimage of a protest sign stating citation needed
  • Allow our reader to follow up on points that interest them
  • Give our writing more credibility
  • Help our reader see how we came to our conclusion

You should cite when you:

  • Use a direct quote
  • Make a claim that might be challenged/questioned
  • Paraphrase the ideas of another person
  • Offer an expert opinion

Avoid Plagiarism

Watch this 4 minute video from York St John University about understanding plagiarism

Plagiarism Quiz

Test your knowledge with this quiz from  Stephen Bailey's Academic Writing for International Students (Routledge 2011) and receive instant feedback:  

Selected Online Citation Guides

Print Style Guides in the PSU Library