UNST 242C Leading Social Change - Dardis: News

Why Use News?

Newspapers are excellent sources of information.  Newspapers report about what is going on in our local communities, our states, our nation, and the world.  Use a newspaper to:

  • Find information about very recent events
  • Locate in-depth coverage of regional/national/global issues
  • Read about multiple perspectives surrounding an issue
  • Examine issues in the context of the time they took place; see how people viewed an event when it happened
  • Give a snapshot of a time period detailing how people lived (what they ate, what they purchased, etc)

Caution: Always evaluate what you find! The Evaluation tab at the top gives tips to help you critically evaluate the information you find. 

3 Paths to News Video

How to Choose Your News

Find Newspaper Articles

Local Newspapers:

National and Global Newspapers:

Historical Newspapers: