BA 495 Business Strategy: Keeping Current

Follow the Buzz

Below are a few ways to keep track of your topic in the media and professional literature:

# Many publications provide email alerts/notifications when new content comes out. If you have favorite publications, go to the publisher websites and sign up for these notification services. 

# In the Library Catalog, sign in with your PSU ID. Do a keyword search, click Save this search to My Favorites, then click Turn on notification for this search (top of the page) and enter your email. You can check your past saved searches by clicking on the pin icon (Go to My Favorites) near your account name (right side of the page). You will get notified when new items matching your search criteria are added to the catalog. 

save this search in catalog

turn on notification 

go to my favorites

In Business Source Premier: to track articles that mention particular keywords, do a keyword search, then click on Share on the results page (share). You can choose to be notified by email or RSS feed.  alert photo

In Google:

  • Create a Google Alert: get emails when new items containing your keyword(s) show up on Google. You can customize where the alerts come from (Web, News, etc.). 
  • Create email alerts in Google Scholar (do a keyword search, then click on Create alertcreating alert in google scholar

RSS reader (e.g., Feedly): subscribe to RSS feeds of your favorite news sources or websites.

Social media:

Google Trends: track search interest