Pacific Northwest History: Primary Sources in the Library

An overview of resources for researching the history of the Pacific Northwest, with an emphasis on primary sources.

Primary Sources in Books

PSU Library has a large collection of reprinted or microfilmed primary source materials, including the collected writings of historical figures, government documents, diaries, collections of speeches, etc. The best way to find primary sources in the library catalog is with subject headings. You may have to try several searches, but one strategy is to combine a keyword for your topic with a subject heading for a material type (see list at right).

Use the advanced search function in the Portland State Library Catalog.

advanced search in P S U library catalog

Primary Sources in Books

I did the search above, and this book was the top result. I looked at this book's record to find some more subject headings I might want to use.

hyperlinked subjects in P S U catalog record

The American West

An excellent library database for primary sources relevant to the Pacific Northwest.

Dear Old Portland

Sheet music cover for Dear Old Portland, 1905, from the University of Oregon Historic Sheet Music Collection.